Swan Payments offers extensive experience in planning and executing business development strategies, new product introductions and expansions to new territories. Card Payments, Mobile Payments, E-/M-Commerce Payments and Alternative Payment Methods are our core domains. We bring to the Customers in-depth understanding of Cashless Payments market in central Eastern Europe.

Swan payments cooperates with Acquirers, Issuers, ISOs/MSPs/PSPs, Alternative Payment Method Providers, Retailers, Transportation companies, IT & HW solution vendors  and mutile new stat-ups from FinTech, PayTech and RetailTech as well as Investment Funds. They all benefit from our help in defining the best scenarios of incorporating the new x-Techs and granting their growth. 

  • Business Development & Interim Management

    In Swan Payments we are commited to deliver tangible and mesurable results by applying and promoting knowledge based management. Experience and undestanding of CEE marekt and modern FinTech / RetailTech technologies brings the value to our customers whenever they are defining Value Chains, planning Product Introduction, implementing Going to Market Strategies and performing Partner's Due Dilligence or Selection.

  • Education, Research & Knowledge on Demand

    Swan Payments is widespreading professional knowledge through its eLearning portal www.swan-mcademy.com. In paralel we perform On Demand research projects and deliver Competitive Market Analyzes, Trainings, Workshops, Webinars and Reports.

  • Security & Performance Improvements

    Digital security plays a crucial role in today's business. Swan Payments - through its experts - offers high quality consultancy on building Digital Security Policies, conducting Security Audits and performing Sociotechnical & Penetration Security Tests. We specialize in Pre- & Post-M&A integration projects.

  • Cashless Payments

    Alternative Payment Methods are fitting modern shopping style via mobile devices and within IoT environment. Card Payments are not longer the mainstream. Swan Payments enables the deep knowledge of payments in the territory of CEE including Traditional Cards, Electronic Money, Digital Wallets, e-Transfer, e-Invoice, Instalments, Direct Debit, Cryptocurrency, Carrier Billing, Cash-on-Delivery and Vouchers / Coupons.

  • Payment Technologies

    Swan Payments helps to discover nuances of varoius payment technologies, uncovers its potential in building competitive advantages and advises how to best expliot its features. You are welcome to learn about: EMV, NFC, PKI, HCE, Tokens, 3D Secure, Beacons, WiFi, GPS, GSM/GPRS, QRs, Text Codes, Finger Biometry, Hand Biometry, Face Biometry, Behavioral Biometry, Voice Biometry, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Cash-On-Delivery, Artifical Intelligence methods for risk assessments and many other.

  • Points of Interaction

    Context of shopping place is changing and new payment methods follow the change. InApp payments via digital wallet on smartphones and various devices of IoT are getting more popular. There is no one right way of doing payments in those places and diversity of shopping places increases, just to mention: POS, mPOS, ePOS, Multi-lane, E-/M-Commerce, Omni-channel Commerce, Social Media, Emails, Internet-of-Things, Vending, Parking, Transportation, Ticketing, Parcel Machines, Pay-at-the-Pump, Cars, appliances, office equipment, Smart Cities, Smart Houses and others.

Welcome to Swan McAdemy 

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Central Eastern Europe


Cezary Kosinski, CEO

  • Incumbents of Cashless Payment Industry

    already active in card and mobile payment acceptance, planning new services, looking for performance improvements, pre-/post-merger consolidation of products or infrastructure: Acquiring Banks, Processors, PSPs, PFs, ISOs, Card Schemes, ACH, Switches, Solution Vendors, ATM operator

  • Retailers

    looking for improvements in their payment acceptance process,  infrastructure and operational costs, implementing acceptance of the new payment methods, planning Omni-channel and Mobile Shopping Application strategies: Retail Chains, Shops, Petrol, Transportation companies, e-commerce, m-commerce, vending, self-service machine operators

  • Public Institutions & Services

    using payment acceptance infrastructure and practices for public services like social or healthcare cards, often looking for synergy with available services, also for other public services like transport or post & delivery

  • New Entrants to Cashless Payments

    entering the domain of card and mobile payment acceptance, challenging well established organisations, bringing innovations to the market: FinTech companies, Telecoms, Providers of Mobile Consumer Service, Innovative and Alternative Payment Schemes, Cryptocurrency based service providers

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